Frustrated Over Dealing with FCC Quarterly Issues & Program Lists?

Every year stations all across the nation pay thousands of dollars in penalties for missing or inadequate Issues and Programs Lists.
QuIPList is an Issues and Programs Manager for broadcasters. Designed by radio professionals, QuIPList takes the information you provide about community issues and your responsive programs, and generates lists for your public files in an approved format with just a few mouse clicks.
Print your Issues and Programs List at any time, ready for insertion in your public file. Optionally, also create as a PDF -- ready for posting on your stations' web site.
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Protect Your Broadcast License

Meeting your station's public file requirements for Issues and Programs couldn't be easier with QuIPList. This program takes the tedium out of preparing your quarterly Issues and Programs Lists in a timely manner.
Let's start with issues: Enter the issues confronting your community along with detail about why that issue is important. Rank the issues by priority as you enter them, or any time during the quarter. QuIPList is flexible, so you can change priorities when community needs change.
If you have multiple stations, odds are the issues addressed by one station will be addressed by the others. It's easy to copy issues (as well as programs) from one station to another. This cuts down on keyboard entry and simplifies the process of keeping all your stations up to date.
Most issues confronting your communities persist from quarter to quarter. QuIPList lets you "forward" issues from one quarter to the next. This also eliminates duplication of effort and ensures continuity in your FCC documentation from quarter to quarter and year to year.

Reasons Your Stations Should Have QuIPList and Save Thousands

Version, released 2019-06-24 -- 2.63MB
Operating System: Windows 98 and up

Responsive Programs

No matter how you choose to respond to community issues, QuIPList can accommodate you.
Long form programs (30 or 60 minutes)
Short form repeating (e.g., vignettes)
Public Service Announcements (Yes, those too!)
Entering your responsive programs couldn't be easier. Choose the station and the issue, enter the program name and description, just like on a word processor. Then select the date(s) and time(s) aired, and that's it! Each program is listed on the QuIPList main window individually by station and can be edited or deleted anytime as needed.
If your public affairs department airs the same program on another of your stations, just copy the initial program to the second station, change the date and time if necessary, and click Save. Simple!
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60-Day Free Trial
$74 Lifetime License

End of Quarter Reports

At the end of each quarter, there's no need to spend an hour or two at the keyboard preparing each station's Issues and Programs List. Just three mouse clicks, and you're done! Preview the full report section by section. Click Print and place the completed Issues/Programs list in your public file. Each Issues and Programs List is generated in a format approved by FCC-experienced attorneys.
The Federal Communications Commission strongly recommends posting your Issues and Programs List on your station web site. With QuIPList, another three clicks and you have your list in PDF format, even if you don't have PDF-creation software! The PDF is ready for instant uploading to your station's web site.
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Loaded with Easy to Use Features

Enter your stations once; QuIPList copies them each quarter
Copy issues to successive quarters, reducing your work
Rank your issues easily, drag and drop to change priority
Enter program details and duplicate to other stations
Copy issues from one station to multiple stations
Analysis tool reports percent of issue coverage and balance
Preview your completed Issues & Programs list anytime
Generate your list as a PDF -- no PDF creation software required
Reprint past quarter's reports anytime; no more lost lists
Reminder to file lists by 10th of the month for each new quarter
Context-sensitive help available throughout program
Lifetime license with free updates as available

Try QuIPList at Your Stations FREE for 60 Days!

Download and install QuIPList and try it FREE for 60 days, no strings attached. When we say "no strings", we mean it! Click on the download button and see for yourself. We don't ask for your name, or even your email (so you know you won't get any spam as a result of your efforts to ease your Issues & Programs burden!)
You'll get to try out the full program, no features held back. Evaluate QuIPList for the full 60 days to determine if it meets your needs. If you find it makes your life easier, get your lifetime license for a single payment of just $74. No additional monthly or yearly fees -- ever! Plus, you have our 90-day money-back guarantee.
60-Day FREE Trial
$74 Lifetime License

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