Reduce the Pressure with Sales Assistant 6

Imagine: a full-time sales assistant who tracks your appointments, reminds you when to pick up copy, keeps track of birthdays, anniversaries, and can even give you a written report of your activities to keep management happy.
Sales Assistant 6 from does all those things and more. And best of all, this sales assistant won't ask for vacation time, a raise, or call in sick just when you need it most.
Try Sales Assistant 6 FREE for 30 days. If it makes life easier, register it for just $19.95 and enjoy it forever.
30-Day Trial
If you are not satisfied with your purchase of Sales Assistant, contact us within 90 days for an immediate refund of the program's purchase price.

Sales Assistant 6 Features

Store unlimited clients, phones, email, notes
Create individual notes for any client for any day
Set any note as a "follow up" reminder
Scan for current and past due events
View activity lists for any period
Scan for reminders at Windows startup
Export client info as Excel-compatible (CSV) file
Edit client info from any window at any time
Context-sensitive help available at a keypress

New Features in Version 6

Network multiple computers with a common database
Assign different permissions by user (see all clients or only assigned clients)
Easily reassign clients from one user to another
New "pack and save" feature to move the local database to a new PC
Completely rewritten help file with context-sensitive help

Putting Your Best Assistant Forward

Sales Assistant was developed as a quick and easy way of keeping track of important client meetings, appointments, and events that busy sales people tend to overlook or forget.
Sales Assistant 6's main window lists all the clients you have on file and may be sorted by client name, contact, or any of the other columns displayed. The toolbar makes selecting common tasks even easier. Double-clicking a client displays the detail screen with information and notes about that client.

Keeping On Top of Things

In the detail window, use the calendar to jump to any date and create a note or reminder. Check the "Follow-Up" box to have Sales Assistant remind you when that date arrives. You'll see a list of follow-up actions each morning when you first start the program. Print the list to take with you for the day.
Managing notes and follow-ups is easy with Sales Assistant's Note Manager. With one mouse click view a list of all notes and jump directly to the note for any date to make additions or deletions. Roll any event forward to a future date when a meeting is postponed or rescheduled.
Completed events can be deleted or remain on file to create an event history for a client. Histories can be printed for any range of dates at any time, giving you a snapshot of activity for clients whenever needed.

Network Access

Version 6 of Sales Assistant provides remote access to all users, either through your local network (LAN) or via the internet (WAN). Use your Wi-Fi enabled laptop to log in to the master database to review or update your client information and notes.
The network administrator can choose to allow users to view and edit all clients/notes in the database, or only clients to which they are assigned.

Email Clients and More!

When a client's email address is stored in Sales Assistant 6, you can email that client with a single mouse click right from within the program. Sales Assistant opens your email client and pre-addresses the email, just enter your message and click "Send".
Also included are a spell checker and the ability to print client information and some or all notes on file for each client. Search notes for a word or phrase by date or all notes on file.
Sales Assistant 6 helps you keep on top of your customer contacts, increasing your efficiency and helping you keep your clients (and your boss!) happy. Try it FREE for 30 days. If you like it, buy it once and get free updates and upgrades for life.
30-Day Trial

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