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One of broadcasting's major problems is getting advertisers to commit to a long-term schedule. Part of this problem is often due to sales representatives failing to ask for a 12-month budget.

Generate a logical, sensible yearly advertising plan for virtually any less than three minutes!

Ask for larger budgets and get better results.
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Last Update: 8/28/2018
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Yearly Account Planner Features

Develop a customized plan for each client based on a real business model, not guesswork
Use Radio Advertising Bureau sales data, or custom data from your client based on actual business flow
Save the custom data you enter for future use by the same client
Optional rate feature calculates real-world ad quantities and distribution for maximum results
Color bar chart graphically illustrates yearly budget and recommended ad schedule

It All Starts With A Plan

Yearly Account Planner is designed to help you intelligently plan a full year's advertising for any client. Using the client's own sales flow figures or the Radio Advertising Bureau (RAB) figures, you can calculate a month-by-month buget plan in a matter of minutes.
It's important for advertisers to have a consistent presence on your stations in order to build audience awareness. In peak selling months, a heavier ad schedule ensures increased sales. Yearly Account Planner applies both of these strategies to generate maximum results.
Another major advantage of using Yearly Account Planner is that it helps you get "on the inside" of the planning process with your clients. Instead of just a salesperson, you become a resource and gain credibility as an advertising expert. Many clients know they need to do more long-term planning. Yearly Account Planner eases this chore, resulting in more sales and profits for both of you.

Intelligent Budget Planning

Yearly Account Planner helps you develop a yearly budget for each client  based on three criteria:
Base Budget -- The amount dedicated to advertising each month of the year. This is the client's regular advertising schedule to keep him in front of customers all year long.
Events Budget -- Funds allocated for special occasions (sales, promotions, etc.). These dollars are allocated during peak months of the year, when more business is occurring in the client's category.
Opportunity Budget -- Reserve cash available for unusual, unanticipated events. Allows the client to take advantage of special market conditions or a competitor's vulnerability.
Adjusting the budget slider allocates more or less of the budget to the Base and Events categories. The Opportunity percentage can also be adjusted, but doing so affects cash in the Base/Events pool.
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