Radio (Still) Never Takes A Holiday

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“Radio never takes a holiday.”

That liner was a reminder that local Radio stations were always on hand—even through major holidays—to provide the music, news, weather, sports, and more that both listeners and advertisers depend on.  Today, thanks to the giant strides in station automation, all but a very few station staff members will enjoy days off.  In many markets, the stations will be on complete auto-pilot with no human hand at the helm.

About a decade ago, things were very different.  While the sales and administrative staff would spend a holiday with family, a good portion of the air staff of local stations was on the air as normal.  Prior to automation, each station had at least one staff member on the air on Christmas day and again on New Year’s day.

What will Radio be like a decade from now?

It’s difficult to predict.  But I suspect Radio will still be here; still providing the music, news, sports, weather, and more.  It may be radically different from what we know today, but it will be here.

Even on holidays.