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Adios, 2008

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As of midnight tonight, we bid farewell to a troubled year. There’s no need to recount the issues that face our country and our industry; if you’re in Radio you… Read more »

Serious Problems

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The recent SIRIUS/XM merger hasn’t appeared to help the struggling satellite provider in the short term, with over a billion dollars in debt due in 2009. The company touts its… Read more »

The Name Game

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In an earlier post, I mentioned how advantageous it can be to learn the name of the decision-taker and gatekeeper when approaching a new client. The question is: what’s the… Read more »

Lowering Expectations

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Two travelers met in an airport terminal. “Where are you going?” asked the first. “Don’t know,” replied the second. “I just buy a ticket and get on a plane.” “Well,… Read more »

Comfortable with Silence

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Once upon a time, a long, long time ago, I was a sales newby. I had undergone the standard sales training: my sales manager handed me a copy of the… Read more »

Radio (Still) Never Takes A Holiday

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“Radio never takes a holiday.” That liner was a reminder that local Radio stations were always on hand—even through major holidays—to provide the music, news, weather, sports, and more that… Read more »

Customer No-Service

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My wife recently experienced the depths of automated telephone systems when she placed a call to a well-known, national service provider to inquire about an unauthorized credit card debit. Calling… Read more »

Hows Your Account Portfolio?

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Almost every Radio salesperson I’ve met likes having a large account list.  The apparent thinking is the more accounts the better.  There’s always the possibility — however remote — that… Read more »

A Little Bit Pregnant

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I heard a commercial on the radio yesterday that made me laugh…but not because the ad was intended to be funny.  It was the type of ad I call “English-challenged”…. Read more »