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11 Years

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Ooo, bring back the days when we were crazy in loveI need to feel that way againRemember when we were crazy in love.We were more than best of friendsWe were… Read more »

10 Years

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I only know that when I’m with you, you’re my sunshine, you’re my rain.The sweetest thing I’ve ever known is loving you. — Juice Newton, The Sweetest Thing

Nine Years

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And only a lonely heart knows How the heartache, it grows and grows Oh, how long does it take till the heartache goes? Only a lonely, only a lonely heart… Read more »

What’s New in SCOOTER 6?

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With the release of the 6th version of SCOOTER, we’ve introduced a number of new features. This post will outline some of them, but you’ll need to download the new… Read more »


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Version of SCOOTER was released today, addressing two issues brought to our attention by users (just like you!). The first was a problem with the sizing and centering of… Read more »

Taking A Dog Break

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Writing computer code is fun (if you’re a geek). But it’s also work. When you bury yourself deep in the middle of functions and procedures, trying to solve a problem… Read more »

Riding the Gravy Train

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Among the many sales people who worked at stations I managed over the years was one individual I’ll call “Bert”. As with some who gravitate to sales, Bert was quick… Read more »

The Afterlife

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Several years ago, I discontinued my television service. Evaluating how little I watched TV and comparing it to the dollars it cost to sustain a service I used so little,… Read more »

A New Hope

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It’s been a while since we woke up WordPress on the PC (this became obvious from the number of updates waiting for us), but it’s a new year and time… Read more »

Radio — R.I.P.?

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Recently, I heard someone who controls a very sizable media budget declare: “Radio is a dead medium!” He has moved all his ad dollars to other avenues…Radio gets $0. Period…. Read more »