Customer Worth

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“We have a special this month,” said the sales manager. “Anyone who takes our Mega Monster Package before the end of the month will get 20% off.”

There is a buzz among the sales reps. This is a good deal!

“And it’s good only for new advertisers.”

You’ve probably heard this many times before; a station will bend over backwards to attract new advertisers, while ignoring existing, loyal customers.


I know, there’s always the fear that: “If we give them a 20% discount, they’ll cut their schedule back by 20%!” That won’t happen if the discount is presented as a bonus—a reward for the customer’s loyalty over the years.

If anyone is worthy of a reward, isn’t it the customer who’s been a regular advertiser on your stations for two, five, ten years? A customer who is appreciated (and who knows it) is less likely to abandon you during tough times. Yet our often short-sighted approach is to reward new customers while ignoring those we have worked with for years.

Everyone appreciates a reward—think back to your last pay increase or promotion—and advertisers are no different. Don’t give them a reason to go elsewhere with their business.