A New Hope

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It’s been a while since we woke up WordPress on the PC (this became obvious from the number of updates waiting for us), but it’s a new year and time for a new start.

At Radio3K.com, we’ve just emerged from a protracted period of programming (say that three times as fast as you can), and are now looking to do more with this long-dormant blog. But it’s the results of that programming binge we want to address for this post.

First, there’s an update for our ever-popular Broadcast Calendar Generator to version 5.2. In addition to a new interface that gives you a thumbnail view of the calendar style you’re selecting, we’ve actually added a new calendar format: the Planning calendar. The Planning calendar can be a great tool for, well, planning a long-term schedule with a client. By all means, take the link and check it out. Of course, the Broadcast Calendar Generator is free to download and use all the way through 9999. That’s assuming the Windows operating system will still be around then. We won’t be here to find out, unfortunately. Come to think of it, neither will you, so I guess that’s a moot point.

The other star on the horizon is a major update to SCOOTER, our schedule-building software. Moving up to version 5, with release targeted for first quarter of this year, SCOOTER has over 30 new features and enhancements. While the link covers most of them, it’s important to know that we’re adding new features to both the free and Pro versions. One such enhancement is unlimited undo/redo when working with ad schedules. We could list everything here, but the post would scroll down the monitor for quite a distance. So it’s better to click the link. Trust us.

One of the most requested features for SCOOTER has been the ability to export schedules to the station’s traffic system. This feature is not in the initial release of SCOOTER Pro 5, but we have not abandoned this goal. We plan to develop “export to traffic” as an addition to version 5, with a planned additional update later in 2016. A future post will address the issues involved in adding this capability to the program.

Thanks for being patient, and we promise to not let any more dust gather on WordPress.