Feeding On Fear

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The bad news floods out of our Radios, TVs, and newspapers, and we internalize it. Not an hour passes without news of increasing unemployment, declining sales, and dismal forecasts. Eventually, after continuous exposure to such depressing propaganda, we accept it uncritically.

We start to believe it.

Once you’re convinced the economy is in a tailspin, you begin to act in accordance with your beliefs. In short order, we’re all adding to the doom and gloom.

Psychologists have demonstrated through numerous studies that you absorb whatever you’re exposed to. Surround yourself with negative news and depressing people and you become disheartened; associate with positive news and uplifting people and you become encouraged to achieve what others might consider impossible.

Short of turning off your receivers and canceling the newspaper, you can’t avoid the negative news. But even with the negatives, there are positives to be found. Concentrate on the good news—scarce though it may be—and work with a positive attitude that things will turn around.

The recovery starts with you and proceeds one person at a time.

Let’s get started.

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