The Kamikaze Presidency

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It is with reluctance that I dip my toe into the cesspool of politics via this blog. I really prefer to concentrate on the ongoing throes of Radio, the Media I Love Best. However much I try to ignore it, the political climate always seems to rain on the Radio parade at one point or other. Now, with President Obama and the Democrat-controlled congress spending one million dollars with every word I type, I am motivated to break my self-imposed silence on this matter.

As a Radio group manager, I always evaluated people on their actions. The actions of President Obama were initially puzzling to me, since any intelligent person should realize that the only way out of a financial shortfall is to cut expenses. Yet the president chose to greatly increase them. Why would he do this? I wondered, for Obama is clearly a smart man. There had to be a reason why he chose to get behind the controls of a jet fighter in a nose dive and advance the throttles to full military power.

The president either believes he is doing the right thing by bankrupting the country, or he has a larger vision of a socialist nation and is willing to make any sacrifice to achieve that vision — even sacrificing the second term of his administration. I think in Obama’s case it is the latter.

The president won’t be satisfied with even a giant step toward socialism; he wants to arrive there in one massive leap. Even if it costs him a second term, Barack Obama will depart Washington having achieved his goal, regardless of the cost to the nation and its citizens.

Time will tell if my assessment of Obama’s “kamikaze” presidency is correct. If I’m right and even if he is only partially successful, the damage to the United States may be irreparable.