Enemy At The Gates

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It started as a trickle. Then it turned into a stream. And then a flood.

I’m talking about spam.

As anyone who has created a blog knows, spam artists are quick to seize any opportunity to promote something, anything by hijacking comments. In creating the Radio3K.com blog, I had hoped to avoid this pestilence. Alas, such was not to be.

After receiving a constant barrage of comments from sites such as xyowidnvuen.com and tpo29fnasloop.com for everything from viagra to rubbing alcohol, I reluctantly took the only easy option open to me — disabling comments. This has closed the spam spigot, and unfortunately also terminates your opportunity to respond to my posts.

I suspect this step is not one that is catastrophic; it will not be ranked with the financial meltdown or the current (as a I write this) fake hysteria over bonuses for AIG employees that the new administration knew of and approved before they decided to condemn it. This supposition is backed up by the evidence that few readers take time to comment on these posts. While less generous souls would credit this to a lack of readership, I choose to believe it’s because most visitors are in accord with my musings.

Nonetheless, comments may be reopened at some future date. In the interim, feel free to respond to anything you read here via the Radio3K.com contact page.Through the magic of electronics, such responses will be whisked to this blog and posted under the appropriate topic.

And to the folks at wifhvjeufyaugwjk.com: go pound sand.