The Incredible Blog Post

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Yes, it’s the most unbelievable blog post! We’re blogging like never before! And you’re going to read fantastic words that are so incredible you won’t believe them ’til you see them!

Does that sound stupid to you?

How do you think it sounds to Radio listeners who hear that drivel in an unacceptable number of ads. Every hour. Of every day.

Over and over again.

We’ve covered this topic before, but perhaps a repetition of three or more is required to get the message across.

Ad copywriters need to give serious thought to obtaining a thesaurus and browsing its pages instead of watching American Idol or Dancing With The Stars.

As someone who is no longer involved with Radio on a day-to-day basis, I find I’m listening to Radio as an average listener and not a Radio guy. It makes a world of difference. Suddenly, you’re tuning out the trite phrases and meaningless words that populate far too many ads.

Which means your clients’ messages are not getting through.

Writing with an ear for what the listener actually hears can revolutionize ads on your stations. For example, the next time you’re taking 40 seconds to bang out 30 seconds worth of copy, you might try these substitutions, just for starters:

Exceptional instead of “incredible”. (“Incredible” means “lacking credibility”).

Extraordinary instead of “unbelievable”.

Unusual instead of “fantastic”.

Of course, these words and the sentences that contain them should be delivered in a realistic, adult manner. No screaming or loud music, thank you.

Clients might actually find they get extraordinary results from ads that are written to be listened to and not just to fill space with cliches.

And maybe that just might improve their bottom line.

Yours, too.