What’s New in SCOOTER 6?

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With the release of the 6th version of SCOOTER, we’ve introduced a number of new features. This post will outline some of them, but you’ll need to download the new version to learn them all.

First of all, SCOOTER remains FREE in the “basic” version. If you haven’t purchased a license key for SCOOTER, you’ll be happy to know that downloading version 6 will give you 30 days of SCOOTER 6 Pro so you can try out the new features.

SCOOTER 6 is installed as a new, separate program from SCOOTER 5. This allows you to continue using SCOOTER 5 if, for some reason, you don’t prefer all the new stuff we’ve added. If you have SCOOTER 5 installed, SCOOTER 6 will ask if you would like to import all your clients, schedules, and settings from version 5 into version 6. We highly recommend this option. Also, if you have a license for SCOOTER 5, your version of SCOOTER 6 will be automatically registered. Easy peasy!

Okay, new features: SCOOTER 6 has a new scheduling grid that is lightning fast. This makes entering schedules even speedier. In SCOOTER Pro, the new grid allows you to block select a group of rows/columns and copy or delete the contents.

SCOOTER 6 features SCOOTER Mail, the program’s own email client. SCOOTER Mail uses your own email server, user name, and password and features “mail templates” so you can compose standard email messages to send with your attached schedules. The templates feature text substitution, so text that reads “schedule attached for <%CLIENT%>” is transformed to “schedule attached for Mason Chevrolet” (or whatever your particular client). You can create unlimited templates in SCOOTER Mail. And, if you are using a web-based account, such as GMail, Yahoo, HotMail, etc., you can send from that email address using the email account provided by your ISP. SCOOTER 6’s extensive help file explains this step-by-step.

And speaking of help, SCOOTER 6 features instant context sensitive help. Just position your mouse pointer over whatever you need more information on and press the F1 function key. Bingo! Help opens to that exact topic.

There’s more; a “floating” navigation tool bar, revised “Unit Class” options, improved printing options, an updated spell checker, improved email validation, and dozens of other little tweaks to make your sales life easier.

We hope you’ll enjoy SCOOTER 6, and thanks for your support and feedback. Happy selling!