Comments Off on SCOOTER Update

Version of SCOOTER was released today, addressing two issues brought to our attention by users (just like you!).

The first was a problem with the sizing and centering of station logos when schedules were generated for previewing or emailing. Depending on the proportions of the logo, it was possible that the resulting sized image would appear slightly off-center or, in some cases, fail to appear on the page at all. We’ve revised the sizing code to be more intelligent and in testing with a variety of logo sizes and proportions this issue appears to be resolved.

The second issue addressed by this update is the use of email domains of more than three characters. Initially, the software would accept .com, .co and the like. But additions of domains such as .info and .asia would cause SCOOTER to complain that an apparently “invalid” email address had been entered. SCOOTER fixes this issue.

This SCOOTER update will be rolled out over the next 10 days as — when you execute SCOOTER — it periodically checks for new versions. If you can’t wait, just open SCOOTER and from the main menu select Help -> Check for Program Update.