Taking A Dog Break

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Writing computer code is fun (if you’re a geek). But it’s also work.

When you bury yourself deep in the middle of functions and procedures, trying to solve a problem or find an elusive bug, the minutes and hours can slip away. But too much work without a meaningful break is not a good thing, long term.

Fortunately, I have a friend who drops by to encourage me to take that meaningful break.

His name is Chico.

He’s a chihuahua mix and, whenever he feels the time is right, he comes over to my chair and plants his paws on my thigh. Then, he give me this look that says: “Time to take a break, dude!”

How he knows I’m in need of that break is beyond me. But in less than 30 seconds, I’m on the floor with him while he growls and pretends to bite my hand. It’s a playful exchange that has developed over the years he’s been with me. And there’s no sign this routine is changing anytime soon.

As you’re chugging along at work, I hope you have your version of Chico — dog, feline, or human — to help you take a break and clear your head.

And maybe, keep your sanity.