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The Afterlife

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Several years ago, I discontinued my television service. Evaluating how little I watched TV and comparing it to the dollars it cost to sustain a service I used so little,… Read more »

Becoming Pandora

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My apologies for the lack of blog posts over the past couple of years. Both a change at the personal level and at the business level have claimed much of… Read more »

Radio — Fear No Evil

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In Greek mythology, the first female — Pandora — was given a box (actually a jar) she was told not to open. Of course, she failed to heed the warning… Read more »

Friends I Didn’t Know I Had

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It’s amazing. In the last two weeks, I’ve heard from hundreds of new friends who have appeared out of cyberspace to inundate me with good news: Sgt. Perry Gibson, fighting… Read more »

Enemy At The Gates

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It started as a trickle. Then it turned into a stream. And then a flood. I’m talking about spam. As anyone who has created a blog knows, spam artists are… Read more »