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Comfortable with Silence

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Once upon a time, a long, long time ago, I was a sales newby. I had undergone the standard sales training: my sales manager handed me a copy of the… Read more »

Radio (Still) Never Takes A Holiday

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“Radio never takes a holiday.” That liner was a reminder that local Radio stations were always on hand—even through major holidays—to provide the music, news, weather, sports, and more that… Read more »

Customer No-Service

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My wife recently experienced the depths of automated telephone systems when she placed a call to a well-known, national service provider to inquire about an unauthorized credit card debit. Calling… Read more »

Hows Your Account Portfolio?

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Almost every Radio salesperson I’ve met likes having a large account list.  The apparent thinking is the more accounts the better.  There’s always the possibility — however remote — that… Read more »

A Little Bit Pregnant

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I heard a commercial on the radio yesterday that made me laugh…but not because the ad was intended to be funny.  It was the type of ad I call “English-challenged”…. Read more »

What’s in a Name?

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In a previous post, I mentioned how calling a gatekeeper by name can aid your quest to reach the decision taker. If you’ve spent time on the phone trying to… Read more »

On The Gate

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It has always been puzzling to me why so many salespeople (and not just Radio salespeople) consider “gatekeepers” as menial laborers. By “gatekeeper”, I mean the secretaries, receptionists, and other… Read more »

Are You Scared Yet?

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It appears Radio is on the road to Rough Times. Everything you read in the industry press indicates 2009 will be as bad–or worse–as 2008. And 2010 won’t be much… Read more »