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Passing of A Legend

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With the death Saturday of Paul Aurandt—better known as Paul Harvey—we have seen the passing of a true Radio legend. Harvey’s Radio career began in 1933 when, as a 14-year… Read more »

Customer Worth

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“We have a special this month,” said the sales manager. “Anyone who takes our Mega Monster Package before the end of the month will get 20% off.” There is a… Read more »

Dealing With the Devil

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Have you ever agreed to a long-term, low-rate schedule and later come to regret it? It has happened to many of us. The allure of a large gain in total… Read more »

What’s in A Name?

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Why is it that Radio and TV sales people sell “spots” and newspaper people sell “ads”? Does what you call a thing make a difference? A lot of people on… Read more »

Less is…Less

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Clear Channel’s recent layoffs are merely the latest in a continuing series of employment cutbacks in Radio, and certainly more reductions are coming in the days ahead. However, the elimination… Read more »

What Are They Thinking?

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Radio’s continued financial success depends on a strong economy. The logic that somehow the government can fix the economy is flawed thinking; government cannot create wealth. Certainly, government can create… Read more »