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Team Up with the IRS

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There’s nothing that could make my blood boil faster than having a client fail to pay for his Radio schedule. While scrupulous attention to accounts receivable can minimize the agony… Read more »

“What Did You Do…?”

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In the opening scene of the movie Patton, the late George C. Scott in the title role gives a stirring speech to an unseen group of men prior to battle…. Read more »

“Think” Revisited

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As I mentioned in an earlier post, the book Think And Grow Rich by Napoleon Hill has many inspiring stories that came out of the 1929 stock market crash and… Read more »

The Un-Fairness Doctrine

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Now that Democrats are about to enjoy a near-majority in the senate, the usual suspects are waxing eloquent about the need for resurrecting the so-called “Fairness” Doctrine for broadcasters, otherwise… Read more »

Back To The Future

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A friend last week re-introduced me to Think And Grow Rich by Napoleon Hill. I had read Hill’s uplifting message many years ago; revisiting it in the wake of the… Read more »

The Case for Yield Management

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It’s shocking to me that some stations in the 21st century aren’t taking advantage of yield management strategies. In lean economic times, pricing your inventory based on supply and demand… Read more »

Adios, 2008

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As of midnight tonight, we bid farewell to a troubled year. There’s no need to recount the issues that face our country and our industry; if you’re in Radio you… Read more »

Serious Problems

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The recent SIRIUS/XM merger hasn’t appeared to help the struggling satellite provider in the short term, with over a billion dollars in debt due in 2009. The company touts its… Read more »

The Name Game

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In an earlier post, I mentioned how advantageous it can be to learn the name of the decision-taker and gatekeeper when approaching a new client. The question is: what’s the… Read more »

Lowering Expectations

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Two travelers met in an airport terminal. “Where are you going?” asked the first. “Don’t know,” replied the second. “I just buy a ticket and get on a plane.” “Well,… Read more »