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Looking Ahead

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Most Radio broadcasters are happy to see the last of 2009. With a number of major Radio companies at or near bankruptcy, most operators are struggling to keep their heads… Read more »

Underselling Radio

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In an earlier post, we talked about the fact that your Radio clients don’t require everyone to respond to their ad message; it is necessary only for enough people to… Read more »

Clustering Toward Oblivion

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Back in the 1970’s — almost medieval times — several studies took place to discover the optimum number of commercial announcements that could be aired in a “break” or “cluster”… Read more »

Great Expectations

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How do you define success? For most Radio salespeople, success is making the sale. Closing the deal. Bringing back a nice order. Seeing the sales manager smiling as you turn… Read more »

Has It Been That Long?

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Almost an entire month without a peep of activity on this blog? What’s going on? Well, business is going on. We’ve been involved in two massive projects, each with a… Read more »